A decade ago, creating a stream of traffic was relatively easy. Less websites to compete against, and an unproven business model meant you didn’t have to know much to get into the top few results of Google, Yahoo, or MSN (or AOL at the time).

Now, with the internet growing at an amazing rate, and huge companies entering the game at every turn, the “little guy” is slowly losing the advantage that he once had on the net. The end of the web being the “great equalizer” is nearing, if not already gone.

However, change isn’t all bad. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, used to be a black science. It was handled only by snake-oil salesman that had nothing to lose if your ranks didn’t improve. those days are gone.

Nowadays, SEO is a simple set of rules to follow and an instruction booklet for how to grow to maximize your free traffic from Search Engines. Since Pay-Per Click prices have gone through the roof, most businesses feel that there money is better spent in investing in SEO so they can get free traffic for months or years, instead of paying for each and every click as Google slowly raises their prices.

The Internet is here to stay, and advertising prices are only going skyward. Doesn’t having a sound SEO plan that takes all of this into account just make sense?

Now, once you have the traffic coming in, how do you make the sales and keep the customers coming back?

This is the main question that every Internet Marketer has to ask for himself or on behalf of his clients.

All of the free traffic in the world won’t sell your product.

Just as you wouldn’t set up a business on the most busy street in town and leave the shelves cluttered and confusing, you have to have a professional arrange your website so that it is conducive to buying.

The beauty if both Internet Marketing and SEO is that all of your expenses can be quantified second-by-second and penny-by-penny.

What was your ROI on the last bulk mailing you sent out? How about the radio ad? And how many people saw your advertisement in your industry journal? There is no way to know!

With the internet, you can see all of that, and determine your ROI every moment of every day. You can be nimble enough to cut campaigns that aren’t working, or invest more in those that do work.

So, investigate more, but from my standpoint, there is no better place to invest your marketing budget than in SEO and Internet Marketing.

And, there’s no better time to start than now. For as little as $500, you can have my SEO, Web Design, and Internet Marketing firm audit your current website or design a new one for you.

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