While 2007 has been a truly interesting, exciting, and altogether great year, I’ve made some decisions about where the future lies for this business.

Based on the desires I’ve heard voiced from my clients, and the profits I’ve seen from my own investments in the Internet, it seems that Search Engine Optimization is without-a-doubt the best place to invest my time and energy.

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is the part of Web Design that I’ve always enjoyed the most and had the most innate talent in. SEO is really the reason I was attracted to web design in the first place.

And, the more conversations I have with webmasters, the more I realize that what people really want is to get their message out… not just to have a pretty website.

So I’m going to focus on SEO starting in 2008.

I’ll still be accepting new Web Design clients on a per-client basis if the project seems like a good match. Each web design will have a growing emphasis on built-in Search Engine Optimization characteristics. Please contact me to see if we would be a good match for a web design.

And, of course, I’m interested in hearing from anyone that would be interested in seeing how SEO can help their bottom line. Read more about SEO or contact me today.