After recently released the WordPress Search Engine Optimization Blueprint I’ve received a lot of very positive feedback. I’ve also found that there are as many goals as there are Webmasters and Blogs.

With that in mind, it became clear that offering WordPress SEO Consultations would be valuable to the WordPress Community.

A Typical WordPress Search Engine Optimization Consult would include the following changes:

  1. Unique SEO Title Tags for each page
  2. Unique generated Meta keyword, and description tags
  3. Plug the holes in your pagerank leaks by adding “rel=nofollow” to pages on your own blog
  4. Solving duplicate content issues by using excerpts instead of the full content and “noindexing” categorie and date-based pages.
  5. Conducting a “PageRank Audit” to move your pagerank to your most valued pages
  6. Encourage linking to your blog
  7. Cleaning out the bad links, pruning non-productive links, and adding relevant links where nessesary
  8. Fix the Heading Tags on your blog to comply with Google Webmaster suggestions
  9. And Much More!

Your blog will likely have at least a few big problems that can be easily solved. I can easily enter your WordPress Install, make the changes without any involvement on your part, and you can start seeing results in a few days to a few weeks.

And, best of all, most blogs can be completely re-done for as little as $150.00.

Get your blog the traffic it deserves. Contact me using the form below for immediate info.