Suggestions to a Yahoo Store Website That Just Won’t Rank

Thanks for coming by my site.  I was happy to take a look at (website).com and see what types of things could be done to improve your traffic.

Being that there are two ways to get traffic- paid and unpaid- I think a good idea is to take a balanced approach to both.  From your email, I suspect that you are working with Google Adwords and having poor results.  Adwords is a complicated system to operate correctly and I usually suggest you hire a PPC (pay per click) manager to manage your account along with his hundreds of other clients.  It’s cost effective and they use special strategies to get the lowest prices.  I am not a PPC manager, but I could lead you in the direction of some good ones.

My specialty, however, is getting Organic or Search Engine (free) traffic to your site.  From that perspective there are a number of things you could do to drastically improve your site.  I don’t think that Yahoo Stores is making the most of your content, and there are a bunch of things that could be changed to make overnight results.  For instance:

-Title Tags that are based on Keyword Research… For instance, the title page of one of the pages on the site is “$400 – $600″, and I would suggest making that something more along the lines of “Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings priced between $400 – $600″.  Doing this with each page will make a drastic difference.

-You can purchase links from high ranking sites that will pass some of their ranking and traffic to you

-Each page should have a unique meta-description

-Pages with duplicate content shouldn’t be indexed (they can be clocked with a robots.txt file)

-Javascript and Tables should be used at a minimum

-You could start a related Blog on the site which has articles on Wedding Rings, wedding planning, and the like that could draw in more organic traffic.  These articles can come from free sources or could be written by you or a copywriter.

That is a bit of what I would start with to get your site showing up in organic results at a much higher rate.

I do offer an Internet Marketing Consultation that will give you an outline of how to attack an SEO campaign as well as Usability of your site (how many people drop out of the purchase because they get confused with the shopping cart?) and ways to expand your site’s ability to generate revenue for you.  It’s a very in-depth report that I’ll give you and it costs $99.  It should cost a lot more, but my hope is that you’ll hire me to do the work because you’ll be impressed.  However, it will be complete enough that you could do the work yourself if you have specific knowledge or you could hand the plan over to another developer and they could follow it like a blueprint.

Please feel free to email me or if you want to chat, I’d be happy to talk with you on the phone also.


Brad Spencer