How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend?  I’ve got to say that I was fortunate to have plenty of time with friends and family and great weather.  I’m fully recharged via the sun to “hit the bricks” before a quick jaunt to Asheville, NC later this week for some birthday fun.

If you live around Columbus, Ohio you might be interested to hear about one of Central Ohio’s best outdoor spots.  It also happens to be a very closely guarded secret of the few people who know about it.  It’s called the Grandview Rock Quarry.

Here are some of the cool stats about the Grandview Rock Quarry:

  1. The Grandview Rock Quarry is spring fed. That means the water is clear and warm.
  2. The Grandview Rock Quarry hosts scuba divers because of it’s underwater diversity an clarity.
  3. The quarry is the training ground of the Ohio State Triathalon team.
  4. The quarry has a beach and cliffs to jump from.  Some of the cliffs are legal to jump from, and some aren’t.
  5. The quarry has a couple of islands that you can swim to and relax on.

And here are some of the things that aren’t so cool about the Grandview Rock Quarry:

  1. Even though the water is actually owned by the City of Columbus and is open to all of her residents to enjoy, the elite few who own Condos overlooking the Quarry have almost sole access to it’s beauty.  All of the land around the Quarry is private property, which means that anyone who wants to swim in it would have to trespass to do so.  Weird huh?
  2. When all of the property was bought up around the quarry, nobody thought to put a public walkway in for public access.  Trespassing problems again…
  3. The only legit way to use the quarry is via knowing someone who lives at either of the condo complexes that overlook the quarry and offer beaches to the Quarry.

Here is what the Grandview Rock Quarry used to look like:

grandview rock quarry ohio

Here are some photos to give you an idea of it’s beauty:

Grandview Rock Quarry

Grandview Rock Quarry

Grandview Rock Quarry

And here are a few other things to think about:

What you’ll find between you and the quarry that’s rightfully yours…

grandview rock quarry

And be sure not to get confused and accidently go to the lesser Quarry on the north side of 5th ave… which looks like this:

grandview rock quarry ohio

And if you happen to *ahem* know someone who invites you to come and enjoy the rock quarry with them because they own a condo there, then this is where you would find it….

grandview rock quarry map

Well Gee, let’s just make this really easy and give you a map that you can use to get directions right here!
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