Who wins when On-Page SEO goes head-to-head with Off-Page SEO?

There is a battle raging between the two schools of Search Engine Optimizers. And it’s about whether On-Page Factors or Off-Page factors win in the race to the top of the rankings.If you’re new to SEO, or looking to hire an seo then you might need to start with a primer on what exactly we’re all fighting about…

What are On-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors:

On page factors are simply all of the different factors on your own page (or site). Now that adds up to a whole bunch of different factors, like Heading Tags, Title Tags, Meta Tags, your Content, all of your links, your blogroll, etc. On-Page is everything you can change on your own page to make it rank better.The group of SEOs are there who are waving the On-Page flag are the Copywriters who think that using keywords in certain (right) places and a certain number of times is going to get you to the top of the rankings. Or, it might be somebody stuffing keywords into different parts of the site.On-Page factors was what early SEO’s manipulated to get high rankings a decade ago. Back then, all you had to do was use the word a lot in the copy and stuff your meta tags with tons of unrelated terms and you’d be rolling in dough. Things certainly have changed…What are Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors: Off-Page SEO factors are everything that relates to your site that is off of your own page (or site). This adds up to a whole bunch of factors too, and they all relate to who’s linking to you. Some of the factors include the anchor text of the link, the site linking to you, the “link neighborhood” of the site linking to you, whether you link back to that site, etc.The group of SEOs who are out there waving the Off-Age flag are the ones who are getting links toward sites, doing Social Media for sites, and ultimately trying to get people to want to link to a site.Who Wins?My apologies to all of the diehard fans of either side out there, but to get to the top of the rankings, you’ve got to use both. For my clients, I always suggest making sure that your On-Page factors are perfect and then moving on to the Off-Page optimization.Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeff the Trojan