If you run a website, chances are you check where you are in the rankings pretty often. Unfortunately, Google’s personalization of search can make you think that you rank much higher than you actually do.

This is a really common problem.

I’ve had dozens of people come to me and say…

“You know, I rank 3rd for ‘Hot Salsas’ but only get 50 hits a day. What’s the problem?”

In many cases these websites aren’t 3rd, or 10th, or even on the first couple of pages of results. But Google Personalized Search is showing them their website because they’ve been to their own site so many times.

So how do we circumvent Google Personalized Search and find out where we truly rank, and where we rank on other people’s computers? Simple.

Just watch this video to find out exactly how to work around Google Personalized Search and see where you truly rank.

Find your true Search Engine rankings (without Google Personalized Search) from brad spencer on Vimeo.

Google Personalized search can really change where you think you stand in the rankings. See an example of how Google Personalized works, and find out how to avoid it.