Maybe I’m just used to Website Grader always giving me a great score, but I was bummed when I ran my website through WooRank today to get a measly 56.7 WooRank.  Even though I have no idea what constitutes a WooRank or even how good 56.7 is (is there some kind of bell curve?) well…

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My 56.7% on WooRank. Click to Enlarge...

I just wanted it to be a lot closer to 100%  You know, like what Website Grader does…

Same day, same site.  97.4 on WebsiteGrader.

Same day, same site. 97.4 on WebsiteGrader.

But then I started searching around and found out that being a long way from a WooRank of 100 (what I assume is the best) puts me in damn good company. | WooRank

SEOMoz, a well-respected blog ABOUT SEO gets a 58 WooRank.

SEOMoz is a great site all about SEO and gets a 58.  Now my 56 isn’t looking so bad….

Ebay gets a 77.3 WooRank

Ebay gets a 77.3 WooRank

Maybe you’ve heard of a site called ‘Ebay’?  It a great place to grab some beenie babies, or a castle or something.  Despite being one of the most popular website on the planet, they get a 77.3 WooRank.

Facebook gets an 84 WooRank

Facebook gets an 84 WooRank

Facebook is only 16 points off of a 100 WooRank at 84.  This might seem a little low when you consider their 1.1 billion pageviews per month | WooRank

Google gets an 83.5 WooRank

And then there’s Google- the company that supplies much of the data for WooRank to calculate where all these sites rank getting an 83.5… just a notch or two below facebook.  Google may be the #1 most visited site on the web (according to Alexa) but that doesn’t keep them from being dinged by WooRank for such SEO faux paus as:

  • No meta description
  • Language declaration is missing
  • No geotag (Where is Google anyways?)
  • No dublin core (Never heard of a dublin core…)
  • No gzip

So what’s the point of all of these screenshots and tongue-in-cheek remarks?  Simple:  There is nothing wrong with WooRank and certainly nothing wrong with WebsiteGrader, but use them as tools… not the holy grail.  The holy grail in most cases is how many units your site sells, or how many RSS subscribers you get, or whatever your metric of success is.  Don’t get worked up about these rank-this or rank-that.

And if you want a really good laugh, go to and try to get the woorank OF