A typical SXSW panel

All the hype that SXSW Interactive gets is well deserved.  Or at least that’s my opinion after spending the last 4 days here.

It’s been a very inspiring few days.  I’m really excited to get home and put some of the things I’ve learned to use.

Steve Blank is responcible for my favorite panel this week.  The slides he used are here, though I doubt you’ll get 1% of the experience.  Sorry.

The gist of Steve’s presentation is that a new tech bubble is underway.  Based on the variety of startups with silly amounts of investment I’ve seen this week I’d have to agree.  He said that the rules are different in a tech bubble, and this bubble is different than the ones that preceded it.  Check out the slide deck to see the rest.

Most of my assertions about conferences based on Affiliate Summit didn’t end up being true of SXSW.  Overall I think SXSW is a way better conference and would suggest you go if you get a chance.