A captivating new website I’ve been checking out each day is called the 10k Bootstrap Challenge.  The website is an online journal written by an entrepreneur living in London who has decided to give himself until his cash reserves are gone (10k Pounds or about 4 months) to build a business that sustains him.  Each day he has an update of what he has accomplished and his thoughts from the day.

What makes the website so unique is how very condensed the experience will be.

Plenty of people dream of starting their own web startup, fewer people give startups a try with a big safety net, and then there are the handful of folks like Rob Fitzpatrick (the entrepreneur) who purposefully paint themselves into a corner so their only option is to succeed.  It’s truly inspiring to see someone stare the potential of failure directly in the face and keep going.  No hedging there!

Check out the 10k Bootstrap Challenge if you are interested in starting your own web business.  I think you’ll like it a lot.