Google released a breakdown of thirty changes to their search algorithm on January 5th.  If you didn’t make it to the bottom of the list, you missed something special:

Faster mobile browsing. [launch codename “old possum”, project codename “Skip Redirect”] Many websites redirect smartphone users to another page that is optimized for smartphone browsers. This change uses the final smartphone destination url in our mobile search results, so you can bypass all the redirects and load the target page faster.

In other words, if Google sees you are searching from a mobile device, they’ll send you directly to the mobile version (if there is one) of a website first.  This is huge news if you really think about the logistics behind this change.  This change means…

  • Google is taking note of websites with mobile versions of their website.
  • Google acknowledges that mobile users prefer a mobile version of a website.  (How long will it be before websites with a mobile version will get a boost in rankings for mobile users?)
  • Google sees a future in mobile and is preparing for it already.

I think little changes like the algorithm change above, and the new How To GoMo initiative by Google are hints of what’s to come with Mobile.  It’s exciting to see the avalanche begin, especially since I’m working on a DIY mobile builder.  Finally, as an SEO, it’s exciting to find a potential leg up on competitors by having a mobile website.

What do you think?  Do you think Mobile is going to take off?  Do you have a mobile version of your website?