Internet Marketing Consultant Services

So you think you might need an Internet Marketing Consultant?

Let’s take a moment to discuss what an Internet Marketing Consultant does for a client’s online presence…

An Internet Marketing Consultant looks at your entire web presence and develops a model to help your presence grow in the best way.

The 3 Ingredients for a Successful Web Presence:

1. Continual Traffic
2. The Ability to Efficiently Convert Traffic
3. Troubleshooting and Innovatin Within the budget

How To Achieve a Top Site:

1. Continual Traffic:
The golden nugget offered by online consultants! There are literally 1000′s of companies that will claim to give you more traffic but actually do things that Search Engines will not respond to, or give you traffic that won’t convert to customers.

The best Internet Marketing Consultants will set you up with their in-house SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team to take a complete and sustained program to make your site show up in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for search terms that you want. In addition to SEO, an Internet Marketing Consultan can help you generate traffic using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising!

The most creative Internet Marketing Consultants will help you develop materials that create trust and drive purchases. For instance, industry specific White Papers with company branding, ebooks, and leveraging the use of popular Social Networks an blogs.

Slowly, the traffic which comes from each of these approaches will feed the lifeblood of your site.

2. The traffic the site does have doesn’t convert as well as it should:

All of the traffic in the world won’t give you a fighting chance if you don’t convert those browsers into buyers. Even the best websites have dead-ends, confusing points, and untested pages that are leaving money on the table.

A skilled Internet Marketing Consultant looks at your website and tests its ease of use. Areas of expertise in Usability, User Testing, and Information Architecture helps the Internet Marketing Consultant rebuild the elements of your site to:

Increase Sales
Appeal to New Visitors
Offer Ease of Navigation
Build Your Email List
Extend an image of Trust to Visitors

Make each hit on your site as valuable as possible and your website operates profitably, and offers you the base of users that any successful website needs to thrive!

3. Troubleshooting and Innovation Within the Budget

This is what Internet Marketing Consultants do best. In bringing together all of the skills used to Get Traffic, Improve Your Site, and Creating a Plan, Internet Marketing Consultants orchestrate your marketing plan from start to finish.

Author Bio:

Bradley Spencer offers a wide variety of consulting options for company clients. Your company benefits from having access to Brad’s internet marketing expertise; you decide how you use it and when you need it. You get the benefit of adding a world-renowned marketing consultant to your team without the expenses associated with hiring full-time staff or engaging an internet marketing firm.

  • Phone consultationsYou pick the duration and you decide when to use Brad’s internet marketing expertise.
  • On-site consulting – Brad spends time with your company, evaluates your projects, provides expert advice and makes your next internet marketing project a success.
  • Retainer based consulting – If you know you’ll need Brad’s expertise for an extensive period of time, you can hire Brad on a monthly retainer basis.
  • Anyway you want it – have something else in mind? That’s the beauty of hiring an internet marketing consultant, you can decide how best to use Brad’s skills. Tell him what you need and he’ll work with you.

Don’t trust your next internet marketing project to just any marketing consultant! Ask them how their credentials stack up. Your company’s success is the most important thing; Brad Spencer understands that the right advice is the difference between success and failure.

Email Brad using the form below or call him at 740-803-2221 and get a free initial consultation today.

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