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So you want a blog. Maybe it’s for your business or hobby. Maybe this is your first shot at a website or maybe your an internet veteran. No matter what your reasons or background, there is one thing we can know for sure about the web and the “blogosphere” for sure: It’s crowded.

And you want your site to stand out from the rest. You don’t want a run-off-the-mill site. Your site should make an impression, a sale, or start a relationship. Right?

So what’s a blogger to do? There’s a whole bunch of things that we can do to make your site remarkable. And that’s why I’m here… to lead you through the process of turning an idea into a freight train of blogginess. Yes, Blogginess.

Every client is unique. (But that doesn’t mean every job is expensive) Your site is special. If it wasn’t, why would you spend your valuable time creating it? What we do here is take your idea and use techniques that I’ve developed to propel it into the traffic stream on the net.

We’ll help you:

  • Get your site in the discussion with commenters and readers
  • Help people find out about your site,which means traffic and influence
  • Design your site so that people can and like to use it
  • Install the latest doo-dads to make your site interactive
  • Develop your site so that it performs the way you want, without you having to know a lick of code

So when you need that person or firm who is the perfect mix of designer, coder, developer, and marketer, then feel comfortable knowing that you don’t have to look any further.

Now, do your homework. Don’t take my word for it, see what my past clients have to say. Or read up on what makes me different from the next guy by checking out my background. You could also see my article on the Japanese Web, or even just drop me an email and ask away.

Thanks, Brad

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