A bit of education can go a long way in making more money with WordPress.  The 2 ebooks below were written to help give you an edge over everyone else.

WordPress SEO Blueprint

The WordPress SEO Blueprint is written to help everyone… technical or non-technical… in the process of making your site rank better in the search engines.

All of the tips and suggestions are for the long-term and won’t get you banned.

Learn more about the guide here.

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How To Make a WordPress Review Site

This guide will show you exactly how to integrate WP Review Site with The Thesis Theme in 8 Step-By-Step actions. You can have your own Thesis-Powered review site running in less than 30 minutes by following this guide…

NEW: Now includes directions for only showing reviews on posts in certain categories. Now you have complete control over when the reviews are shown!

Why Should You Get This Guide?

  1. Making the Thesis Theme work with WP Review site is a pain the in you-know-what. You have to edit a core file, add two plugins, and play with CSS to make it work. Unless you have a very good understanding of WordPress, PHP, and CSS then you could find yourself sorely confused and downright frustrated.
  2. Once Thesis and WP Review Site play nicely, you are going to have one kick-butt website. If you buy the guide now, you’ll be the proud owner of that kick-butt website in less than 30 minutes.
  3. If you hired a developer, this same thing could cost $200 bucks or more.
  4. Because if you aren’t pleased with the guide, I’ll give you a full refund.

WordPress Landing Page Theme:

There is no delicate way to put this. If you aren’t focusing your websites visitors then you are going to lose their attention. If your site is too ‘busy‘, ‘complicated‘, or ‘hard to use‘ your customers are going to leave your site. And your customers are going to run off to sites that can make their message simple and beautiful. Sites like that use systems like the WordPress Landing Pages Theme.

I made the WordPress Landing Pages Theme simple and effective because I struggled with making landing pages myself. After months of learning WordPress, I was frustrated by the fact that I could make blogs, but I couldn’t create a page that kept people’s attention.

Click here to learn more about the WordPress Landing Page Theme.