Forget about hours of frustration. Learn to see WordPress the way WordPress-Ninjas do and empower yourself to simply and confidently work with WordPress.

No matter what your level of experience, your call is tailored to your needs and skill set.

You’ll have the tools to fix your problem or you get your money back. Guaranteed.

A short and simple phone call with a WordPress Consultant…

can help solve almost any problem you may be having, and bring to light ideas that you may never have thought of to make your WordPress-Powered site better.

We find ourselves helping all different categories of WordPress user.  Are you a…

  1. Blogger
  2. Small Business
  3. Established Website looking to add a blog
  4. in IT
  5. Experienced Webmaster
  6. WordPress Newbie

WordPress Themes:

WordPress Themes

We can show you how to make your Theme do just about anything.  If you aren’t sure which Theme to choose, we can determine your needs and suggest a few that will make your life easier.

Writing in WordPress:

Writing In WordPress

Do you find the writing area confusing and want to know how to embed videos, podcasts, images, and have everything display extactly the way you want?

We can show you how to use WordPress to write and have it display just the way you want.

WordPress SEO:

Search Engine Optimization

We can show you how to re-structure your WordPress website and what plugins to add to get more traffic from the Search Engines.

You arrived at this page, so we must know what we are doing, right?

WordPress Plugins:

WordPress Plugins

The most common question I receive is ‘What Plugins Should I Use?’.

After a short discussion about your needs, I can give you suggestions for plugins I’ve used with success in the past.  You can save yourself the time and confusion of searching through the Plugin Repository and use only the best plugins from the get-go.


How Do I Organize?

How do you organize your posts? Categories? Tags?  Should you use a static front page or should use have a blog on the front page?

After a short discussion of your needs, I can suggest the best approach for you.



We accept paypal and we can show you how to accept and use PayPal on your own website.


Free Calls with Skype

We do all of the phone consultations over Skype.  Skype is free and includes an excellent screen sharing program.  With screen-sharing, you can watch while I show you tips and tricks for WordPress, or I can watch your screen while you show me your issue.

We accept paypal and we can show you how to accept and use PayPal on your own website.

These Come Free with Your Call:

  1. Free Screensharing so we can show you how to work on the site yourself!
  2. Free skype telephone call
  3. Down-to-earth explanations that aren’t code-heavy (unless you want them to be)
  4. Free follow-up email with code, plugins, or answers to questions from our talk

What are Some Common Questions?

  1. WordPress Plugins:  What plugins should you be using, are there better plugins than you are using, are you missing any plugins?
  2. Themes: Which theme is best for me?  Should I buy a premium theme?  How can I change the look of my theme?
  3. SEO and Traffic: How do I get more traffic and better rankings?
  4. Social Media: What should I do to get my blog to ‘play nice’ with Twitter, Facebook, and more?
  5. Speeding Up Your Site: How can I speed up the loading of my site?
  6. Hosting:  What is hosting?  Why should I care?  Where should I host my site?
  7. Security: Is WordPress secure?  Should I be worried about Hackers or Viruses?
  8. Backing Up: How do I make sure my site is backed up in case something goes wrong?
  9. Small Business & WordPress: What should a small business do to turn visitors into customers?
  10. WordPress as a CMS: What if I want to use WordPress as a Content Management System instead of a blog?
  11. WordPress as a Store: Can WordPress be used as a store?  What plugins and themes make WordPress a e-commerce platform?
  12. Upgrading WordPress: How do I upgrade WordPress?  What if something goes wrong?

What are People Saying?

“Partnering with Brad of Raw Web Design…

Diana Long via email.

to update my blog and optimize my SEO has been a great investment. Brad is very professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. I love my blog’s new look and functionality. I highly recommend Brad, he’ the go-to guy for WordPress Blogs!”

“After I had called Brad to do SEO work…

Dean Ramsden via email

I was so impressed that he became my main website developer. These days he builds, maintains, and troubleshoots my website and blog, taking on every WordPress challenge thrown at him with determination and flair. Brad provides effective results. If you are looking for a talented and reliable WordPress consultant, don’t wait any longer. Hire him.”

“I can’t say enough about Brad’s WordPress and SEO skills…

Alaina Sheer via email

I started blogging in September of 2007 and began with a basic WordPress template. In the summer of 2008 Brad gave my website a much needed SEO overhaul and the results were tremendous. He also guided me through the art of writing more SEO friendly posts. And just recently I asked Brad to help in a complete re-design of my blog and he pulled it off perfectly. The best thing about working with Brad is that every request, no matter how small, is always answered – quickly. He respects your business needs and goes above and beyond to make them a reality. I can’t praise Brad enough. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

End your Frustration and Become WordPress-Empowered!


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